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Walking 30 Minutes a Day Weight Loss Routine

Want to be fit and healthy start walking.

walking exercise plan

It’s been a month; I started writing about gym exercises. Now we will discuss some other workout routines which don't need equipment or gym, like walking. Walking is a great way to improve your health and how to start by just 10 to 15 minutes daily and gradually increase your timing.

 You don’t have time to go to gym.  because of your busy work schedule, Your previous commitments. You can start walking. Walking is first step towards a healthy life. Walking is one of the least expensive and most convenient ways to get fit, lose weight, improve your quality of life and get healthier. To get healthy first you need to commit yourself that you have to do it; from the attitude I can’t do it, I don’t have enough time to go to gym. You can start from slow (let’s say 5 minutes) and then increase your time of walking by an hour or half, it all depends upon your commitment. How much committed you are for your health?

Before getting off from your couch you have to commit to yourself, I will change my lifestyle to get fit by walking daily for 10 minutes. If you get this commitment then only it is possible for you to get a healthy life by walking. It’s a long process to get fit. You need to go out and walk daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

If you have family history of heart disease or any other medical problems, see a doctor before starting your daily workout.

Start small and build slowly. Famous quotes slow and steady win the race. But in scenario we are talking about our exercise routine. If you have just started your exercise routine don’t rush to walk for an hour on very first day. You will get tired. And ultimately stop.  You need to make a habit. Start with 10 to 15 minutes daily. Feeling good? Now if you feeling strong increase you time by 5 minutes. Then gradually increase your time to reach 30 minutes daily walking.

Now you have made a habit of daily walking. Start tracking your progress. Write down details about how long and how far you went for each workout. How you felt while walking on the road. You start feeling good and become confident from seeing all of your workout details. You will become comfortable to do daily workout.

Manage your time for workout. Make a workout routine that will mix up well into your daily life routine. Figure out what time of day is most convenient to your workout. Go to nearby park or a place where you can walk hassle free, and if there is no park nearby find out a traffic free route that you can take on regular basis. If you are early riser you can go for a morning walk.  Or if you don’t have time in morning start your walking routine in evening. Timing of morning or evening is not specific as long as you do your workout. Manage your time at least 10 minutes daily for walking.

Want to shed some extra pounds as you start your workout? Most effective way to lose weight is to cut your calories in take while also improving your calories burn through regular exercise. Avoid cutting down your calories intake too soon; that will cause your energy level low and it will difficult to maintain. Instead, try to consume 200 to 300 fewer calories per day.  As you workout daily, you can expect to lose a half pound or a pound in a week. Make a new healthy eating habit. Try to eat more fruits when you want to lose weight while cutting of your calories intake.

Build your own support system. I am using run keeper app for my daily work out details. How many kilometers I went, for how many hours and how many calories burnt in the process. You can use other apps for your daily progress. It will motivate you to walk daily as you see your progress. Add your friends; you can post your activities on social media platform for encouraging your colleague or friends to start walking. It will make a virtual group and a motivation for you and others to follow daily workout routine.

Take a few minutes of your lunch break to walk the office hall, or nearby park. Take the stairs instead of elevator. Set up time in n hour or two to remind you to get up and take a walk around. Don’t just sit on your chair for 8 to 9 hours while at work. Even standing rather than sitting at your desk will help. It will help you burn some extra calories.

While you may not feel like you need a schedule for working out, having training plan will help you to meet your goals while keeping a track of your workout. Ensure that to build up a workout plan and time for your workout. After completing every workout it will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Walking is a great workout. It will boost your energy. Walking is an ideal form of exercise for most people who want to start an exercise routine. It’s free and you can start anytime and anyplace; no special skills or expensive equipment is required. It is the best way to build strong bonds, muscles and lose weight without getting hurt. It’s the easiest way to develop the fitness you desire.

You can follow the program as describe below:-

Monday: - Day one walk for 15 minutes.
Tuesday: - Day two walk for 20 minutes.
Wednesday: - Day three walk for 25 minutes.
Thursday: - Day fourth you can take a break or if you are positive that you are not feeling tired go for 15 minutes walk.
Friday: - Day fifth walk for 30 minutes.
Saturday: - Day Six walk for 20 minutes.
Sunday: - Day seven you can rest for the day. Or if you want to go for your workout; walk for 30 minutes.

Follow the above described workout plan. Gradually increase your timing if you think you are ready to go up to one hour.


1.      Start slow and increase your timing gradually.
2.      Walk in proper attire light t-shirt and track pant with sports shoes summer.
3.      Pullover or comfortable track suit in winters.


1.      Don’t rush to do 1 hour walking on very first day.
2.      Don’t walk on bare foot or in sleepers. It will cause injury.

I’m sharing my personal point of view to get fit and healthy. I am not promoting any apps.

1.      Please consult a physician to access your health before following the program in the blog.
2.      All the specified exercises should be performed in the safest position as specified in the blog. I will not be held responsible for any injury incurred while performing the exercise specified in the blog.

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