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Benefits of Doing the Plank Workout Daily

Benefits of doing plank exercise

plank benefits

Plank a small word holds great workout experience for all. Everybody on this planet is busy with their work schedules. They are not able to find time for exercise at all. Now a day’s body-weight exercises are very popular globally. Body-weight exercises are helpful getting in shape using your own body weight. Plank is one of the body-weight exercises in fashion now a day. Plank is one of the most effective exercise for those who say’s they don’t have time for workout. Because doing plank needs a small amount of time from your side, and offer the chance to achieve significant results in a very short span of time.

            If you never tried plank exercise in your life, it may look easy. Plank exercise requires no costly equipment, it can be done anywhere, it will engage all part of your body (muscles groups) and benefit the whole body in many different ways. Plank is one of the best exercises for your core muscles; it will also work your arms, shoulders, neck, back, hips and you legs. It will improve your balance and support proper posture. Plank is a great exercise which should be part of everyone’s workout routine, it will boost your fitness level.

Benefits of doing the plank daily

            Plank workout will benefit you in several ways; you must add this workout in your regular routine.

Core strength

            Doing plank daily will increase your core muscle group strength. It will strengthen your all those muscles, joints and bones which link upper and lower body. The importance of strengthening each muscle group is very important, because each muscle groups plays different role for your body functioning. If you strengthen these muscle groups you will notice increase ability to lift heavier weight. You will feel stronger, everyday tasks become easier, and it will improve athletic abilities. It will improve capacity for stable upper body twist and side bending exercise.

Toned tummy/ belly

            Plank workout will help you build inner core muscles that lay groundwork for your 6 pack look. As your core/abdominal muscles become stronger and will tighten up. Doing plank will be toning other parts of your body too.

Strengthen back muscles and decrease risk of injury in the back

            Doing plank will strengthen your back muscles, in particular upper back muscles become stronger. During plank workout you are not putting too much pressure on your spine and hips. Plank exercise require minimum movement while contracting all layers of your abdominal muscles, it is a great way to strengthen your core, which will help reduce back pain.

Increase Flexibility

            Doing plan workout daily will increase your flexibility by expending and stretching all your postural muscles groups- shoulders, shoulder blades, caller bone, neck, hamstring and even arch of your feet and toes. Plank will also help in offsetting some of the natural loss of the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments that comes with age. Plank will be a great workout for those who have a desk job all day.

Improves mood, become happier

            All exercises will help in boosting your mood; plank workout is one of them. Plank workout has particular effect on your nerves, which will improve your mood. Doing plank stretch out muscles in the neck, shoulders and back that often become stiff and tensed because of prolong sitting/standing. Plank exercise is a stressed buster as it will help calm the brain only if you make it part of your daily routine.

Improve your posture and balance

            Plank workout will help engaging your abs to stay upright and strengthening your core, which in turn help your ability to stand with straight and stable posture. While doing daily it will help you sit and stand up straight easily.

            By strengthening your core muscles group, plank will help in improved balance. It will boost your performance in every sporting activity.

Improves Metabolism

            Plank is a great workout to challenge your body, it will burn more calories if include in daily workout routine. It will help in strengthen your muscles by performing on daily basis will ensure that you burn more calories even when you are desk bound or stationary. Plank is more effective way of burning fat, doing plank daily will increase metabolic rate even after you have stopped exercise, something that does not happen with other cardio activities.

Better bones and joint health

            All workout routines will help you to keep your heart rate healthy and muscles toned, it is key for strong bones and flexible joints. Body-weight workout is key for bone health. These workouts put stress on the bones attached to your muscles and activate them to rebuild themselves. Plank is great body-weight exercise which helps in better bones and joint health.

Doing plank daily make real life task easier because they engage your all group of muscles at once just not focusing on single muscle. As you lose fat, improve flexibility, bone and joint health, build muscle and strength, and enjoy increased adaptability and balance you will notice all your daily routine work require much less physical efforts.

Once you start doing plank everyday and see the changes in your body you will be addicted to it. You will never be get bored by the plank workout by challenging yourself- increasing the time duration and type of plank pose.

Hope this article will give you an insight of all the benefits of plank workout. In the next article I will explain how to perform plank in proper manner, various type of plank exercise like side plank, straight arm plank, running plank, Spider-man plank, straight arm plank, one leg up plank, bend elbow plank, a rocking plank to name just a few.

Stay tuned for next article about plank workout routine (how to increase your timing up to 300 second in 30 days). Please follow my blog for workout routine for gym and exercise routine for home. you will get all workout routine at one place 😊.

As with any exercise you risk injury if you don’t use the correct techniques.

1.      Please consult a physician to access your health before following the program in the blog.
2.      All the specified exercises should be performed in the safest position as specified in the blog. I will not be held responsible for any injury incurred while performing the exercise specified in the blog.

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